Good Taste

Crisp, smooth, dries very quickly, and doesn't bleed. Very easy to grip and comfortable to use for extended periods.

Basic Essentials

Black base with a bold gold color laydown. Soft touch barrel exterior. Convenient metal clip with a short barrel length.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders in the U.S. No minimum amount required. International shipping is also available.

Perfect Gifts

Our pens are an excellent gift to give. Each piece is a gift. Even if that gift is to yourself.

A crappy pen can have a huge impact on frayed nerves.

Students have busy schedules that can lead to stress as they juggle homework, classes, and extracurriculars. Our Mood Pens™ eliminate all the little distracting issues that happen as you write. You won't have to press down hard on your paper to get clear, legible writing.

Our Mood Pens™ are built for comfort rather than looks.

It's important that a pen glides along a page, not drag.

Customized with positive phrases to help aid your mental when it's "one of those days" or when you need a positive "pick-me-up" reminder of your greatness.

The ink needs to flow in a smooth line and feel good.

It’s a thick pen, which might mean fewer hand cramps for those who experience them, and gives the feel of a pen you’d find in the chic, hotel lobby or at your stylish friends' apartment—big with subtle glamour.

"These pens are great for long study sessions. Its relatively thick body and firm grip make it comfortable to hold, and its smooth ink is easy to write with. Fun affirmations to suit your personal style and has a sturdy clip so you can attach it to notebooks and pockets."

— Parker White, Union Square Hospitality Group

These pens make a statement!

"Even when you’re not writing with it. Don’t get me wrong it writes beautifully. It’s very smooth and the perfect ballpoint."

— M. Growski, North Dakota

Great pens! Smooth & soft!

"The self affirming/ positive statements drew me to them. They would be great as a gift I would definitely buy again."

— A. Brown, New York

Cute and classic! Love these pens!

"No skipping when you write (praise God), they are comfortable to hold, won’t roll off the table, and have a cute saying to boot."

— R. Ostrom, Seattle